It’s Lotuslolita here. This video, regardless of the thumb, is more than about stupid stuff.

This video is on Nymphet Accessories!

The basics and the not so basics are all featured and recommended by me in this video. Please watch in HD! And feel free to message me, or the Jet Set Nymphets, with questions or topics you want us to discuss!


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if october to january isn’t your favorite time of the year you’re wrong

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Q: Why are you tired if the nymphet side of tumblr?

Because of the assumptions that people make of nymphet bloggers: they think we’re willing to talk to an older man even if they treat us like shit, old men think it’s ok to send gross messages, there’s a lot of hate in the community and there are these girls who are like: hey look I have a 40 year old bf even if I’m 13, I’m a total nymphet and cool as fuck, I give blowjobs to all my male teachers hehe It’s annoying

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If I don’t delete this blog is because I have a lot of followers :/ But I’m kinda tired of the nymphet side of tumblr

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