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I was the biggest fan of Hannah Montana at 11 haha So my blog would have been about it and other Disney Channel stars, like Jonas Brothers, etc etc And I had a crush on Mitchel Musso lol

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send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old

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I was talking with my best friend and she was like: omg the train is on tv, so annoying. I thought she was watching the local channel and that they were showing this lil train that goes round the town with the music and kids love it and I was like: HAHAHAHaha but then she was like: it’s the train of the accident, it’s been a year since my uncle died. KILL ME PLEASE I ALWAYS FUCK UP EVERYTHING

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So today is Saint Cristina’s day and I don’t understand this celebration. I mean, you just get presents because you are called like a Saint and it’s his/her day lol But it’s cool I guess

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