my moms favorite pastime is to come into my room, insult all of my life choices, list everything i already know i need to do making me 10x more stressed about it than i was before, then leave my door open

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I have a new French teacher and she wants us to practice our speaking skills and I’m the only brave person in the class that actually reads the texts.

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When I’m writing, all the words auto correct to Spanish so if you see some strange word is because of that. I should install the English keyboard, I even have it in Russian but not in English loool

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Tomorrow I will have my first class with my teacher crush and I’ve been waiting for this moment for 18 months :-)

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Message me with a character that you associate me with.


A character that makes you think of me every time, any fandom, original character, whatever!

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Welcome to my twisted mind. Behold this picture of a white woman smoking. Lay witness to some pastel flowers. So fucking twisted.

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On a serious note though people who idolize serial killers honestly disgust me. Especially when white men who are convicted rapists and murderers are celebrated by wannabe edgy fucks for their “beautifully twisted minds” who wax philosophically about how they shouldn’t be in jail because they’re just poor sensitive lambs lost in society’s evil machine… while black men on minor drug charges rot in jail and no one blinks an eye……

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Q: I'd love to eat you out on your hands and knees.
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Tumblr daddy dom picture captions make my vagina dry up like a raisin tbh

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